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Business Made Simple



Animal Chiropractors love animals and people so much they have trouble charging for their services.  Their practices don’t grow well.

At Business Made Simple University, doctors learn how to build and scale a business so that they can leave a legacy behind.  My coaching practice is designed specifically to guide animal chiropractors to build successful animal chiropractic practices.  Using the BMSU framework, animal chiropractors avoid the mistakes that cause practice burn out.

Many animal chiropractors deal with practice burnout:  Not enough time, not enough clients, not enough money.

At Amy Hayek coaching, doctors can enroll in Business Made Simple University for less than the fee for a couple horse adjustments, achieve their business goals, and leave a legacy behind.

Begin creating your successful practice by enrolling in Business Made Simple University today.

When animal chiropractors build successful practices, their entire community becomes healthier.

  • So cure your business fatigue by enrolling in Business Made Simple University today.

  • Enjoy the benefits of animal chiropractic specific coaching.

  • Leave a legacy for a healthier community.


Get started at Business Made Simple University.  

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