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My Story

Animal Chiropractic is so new, none of the boards even know how to regulate it.  How can animal chiropractors create practices that have a positive effect on their communities if they are still unknown?

Health care today has created division among the population. So few understand how the body was made to heal that they are willing to mock the idea of offering chiropractic to animals.  This is a hard environment in which to begin a practice.

Dr. Amy has spent her entire adult life teaching: training horses, teaching college, educating clients, and teaching animal chiropractors.  Through each of those endeavors, she has created businesses based on leaving a legacy.
Coaching is not a cheer leader’s job.  Coaching is the ability to fail a student with grace so they can succeed in life.

Dr. Amy recognizes that coaching requires insight, being thoughtful, and being critical.

Though Dr. Hayek has many years of study and several degrees, the most profound education she passes to her students comes from them, and from the animals who have taught her about what success looks like.  

Animal Chiropractic Business Coach Dr. Amy Hayek

As a certified Business Made Simple Coach she sees that structure is what allows for creativity and freedom.  Coaching is only a name for having a team to support your work.  When you hire a coach, you may not see the entire team behind them.  But they are the team supporting you too.
Education is always expensive and on going.  Sharing education with others is what builds a community and a legacy.  As you build your successful animal chiropractic practice, imagine seeing those in your community wanting to be like you.  That is the sign of having achieved your goal.

Dr. Hayek is always happy to share information with audiences ranging from the very young to the very experienced.  It is in sharing and educating that communities save lives, and see their potential to grow.
To hire Dr. Amy as your coach OR to invite Dr. Amy to one of your events CLICK HERE

"You either take control of your business or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

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